Camping Gythion Bay will have the pleasure of welcoming its camping guests until 20th November 2022 or until further notice.  

For ACSI and ADAC Camping Card holders, we welcome all the campers that hold the card to visit our campsite, but we would like to inform you that due to the great electricity increase that took place last September in Greece we discussed this huge problem with our ACSI inspectors and we were given permission to increase the ACSI price according to our price list.

The price of an ACSI card this year is 23 €

More specifically ACSI wrote:

The CCA rate was set last season on the basis of the campsite pricelist. Included are always max. 4 KWh per day.

The CCA pass holder also knows this because it is clearly described in our CCA guide and on our website.

This year, as a big exception, you can ask for an extra charge for electricity, but only if this extra charge is clearly mentioned on the regular price list of your campsite and if this charge has to be paid by all guests. So also to guests who come without a CCA card.

CCA ACSI CRM: 0031397 31/03/2022